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Football Finances

This site is about trying to understand football club finances. It came to life when when Freddie Shepherd told the Newcastle fans that he had never taken a penny out of the club. I was so incensed by that disingenuous remark that I created a site dedicated to explaining the club's finances in plain English.

The idea was that if all the fans knew what the board were up to then their life would become so uncomfortable they would stop what they were doing and let somebody who knew what they were doing takeover. Whether the aim was successful is hard to judge, but the site gained around 100,000 hits in two years, so it did get to its target audience.

In 2007 I was persuaded to do the same sort of analysis for Hibs, then quite quickly this was extended to Everton then Spurs. I had no great knowledge of these teams and therefore some things that were obvious to the fans of those clubs were missed. Many decided that it was still a good eye-opener though. I learned some lessons too.

The source of information for these teams has been their own financial accounts, no made-up figures, or even newspaper reports were used, it has to be the clubs own figures.

The intention is to extend this site to cover as many teams as possible. The only limitations are access to the figures, and time !

There is now a section dedicated to SPL clubs.. The link to this is shown underneath the Premier League teams. There is now information on ten Scottish sides.

If you have any queries, or comments then please let me know.




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