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Coventry - Football Finances

It used to be that the only time we heard about Coventry's finances are once a year when the official financial results are announced. The Ray Ranson takeover changed all that.

The attached explanation of Coventry's finances makes grim reading. The club had made huge losses for years, and was close to total melt down when Ranson eventually took.

This site hopefully presents to you the financial results in words that we can all understand. All the numbers quoted about the club have come from the club's own accounts. If a mistake has been made in this, and you spot it, then PLEASE let us know, the aim is to be as honest as can be. If you have more accurate information then please get in touch.

As a business Coventry have been set up with a Holding company owning the football company. This means the  financial results for the purely football side of the business are separated out from everything else that goes on. This means that the lottery, the shops, and previously the catering were part of the Holding company, but not viewed as part of the footballing side of the business. This has made the analysis slightly more complicated and MAY mean that there that the odd error may appear. If you spot anything you think is wrong then again please get in touch.

Also if you have any suggestions on what else should or could be looked at please get in touch. The intention of the site is not to try and influence your opinion on the way the club has been run, just to give you the facts, and let you draw your own conclusions.



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