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 22nd December 2009 

For many people the only time they hear about Everton's finances are one day in each March and October when the official financial results are announced.

This site hopefully presents to you the financial results in words that we can all understand. All the numbers quoted about the club have come from the club's own accounts. If a mistake has been made in this, and you spot it, then PLEASE let us know, the aim is to be as honest as can be. If you have more accurate information then please get in touch.

Bill Kenwright is clearly very proud of his club, and its support, his passion oozes form every word in his "chairman's statement".

How is he doing though?

Well the club continues to lose money, nearly 7m last season. The amount of money being paid in interest is 4m a year. The wage bill has gone up over 63% in the last four years. Every year, bar 2008, the club has spent more than all the money they get from Sky just on player wages. The club have spent 2.7m on the plans for the new stadium in Kirkby.

The new ground is not mentioned at all in the accounts for 2009.

The results for the years up to 2008 are shown on the 2008 on the left.


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