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This graph shows  the money Newcastle United has taken in the ten seasons since 1998. The total income since then is just under 808m !!

The leap in 2008 is purely from Sky money. The overall jump is smaller than other clubs have shown for that season due our income form gate reciptes and merchandise dropping.


The graph below shows the amount of money coming in from bums on seats. The drop comes from fewer Cup games being played, although the average League attendance increased to 51,321. There must be a great concern at the club that the attendances have dropped by nearly 10% for this season, with the potential for an even greater drop next season. The attendances for home Cup matches this season is lower than in 2008. The combination of this and the reduced league gates may mean that the 2009 figure could be the lowest since 2002.



The graph below shows the money that comes from television. This is mainly Sky/Setanta money but was hugely boosted in 2003 with Champions League money. The leap in money for 2008 is purely down to the most recent Sky deal kicking in. Assuming the club can maintain an average 12th place finish, in the Premiership, then this should be the expectation for the next two years. The TV deal is currently being renegotiated by the Premier League and is clearly critical to the clubs finances.



The final graph shows the money from shops and sponsorship. This shows steady growth up to 2008. Any boycott of club merchandise since September 2008 will effect this figure for next year. The club will also be close to requiring a new shirt sponsorship deal, with it being unlikely that Northern Stone will renew. Again a possible cause of concern.


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