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 17th December 2009 

The finances of Watford have been in the news headlines this week.

The calling in of a loan by Jimmy Russo, with the threat of the club going in to administration, is very bad news.

The debts the club has, and the amount it owes look nowhere as bad as many other teams. The comments in the Press suggest that there is a big power battle going on between Russo and the other major shareholders. Who you think is telling the truth, and who has the best interests of the club at heart probably depends on your own point of view. 

This site is aimed at giving a bit more insight into the club accounts. Hopefully it presents to you the financial results in words that we can all understand. All the numbers quoted about the club have come from the club's own accounts.

Usually very little in the way of estimates are done on these club sites, there has been slightly more with the Watford one to try and add background. If a mistake has been made in this, and you spot it, then PLEASE let us know, the aim is to be as honest as can be. If you have more accurate information then please get in touch.


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